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Alina Sbitnev

Marketing Director


At the age of 17 I started my journey in the United states. My mother and I moved from Ukraine, to find a better life. Because of this, we had to start from scratch. My journey started with schooling to learn English and odd jobs to build a foundation. This lead me to a job at Nordstrom as a sales representative. While doing sales at Nordstrom, I discovered my true passion was in marketing. My career in marketing started here at Urban Luxe. As a marketing director, it is my job to build agents virtual presence, as well as the companies. This is done through targeted campaigns, social media marketing, event planning, and so much more. This job brings me joy, as I get to create a meaningful impact on the business’s of my piers.

Outside of work, one of my favorite things to do is travel and meet people as I go. I don’t only get to create beautiful memories, but meet amazing people from all over the world. While at home I spend most of my time adventuring around the city, and going to cool places like museums, restaurants, and hikes.

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