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Brian Hetzer



Brian is originally from Northern California, but currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. He found his way to the southwest through marrying a multi-generational Arizonian. He loves the warm weather and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities. He and his wife Debra have three adult boys and five grandchildren. Brian loves to travel, locally and abroad, spurred on by the six years spent in the US Navy traveling the globe. Some of his favorite adventures have included walking the Great Wall of China, touring the Holy Land/Israel, exploring the safaris of Kenya, Africa, and training for/running a full marathon. Someday, he’d love to go big game fishing (marlin, tuna, swordfish).

Brian's approach to life is multi-faceted. He's earned a Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Technology, a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management (and a PhD in Determination and Endurance). He is a published author and in addition to real estate has worked in the environmental cleanup field, property management and hospice care. Brian has launched several successful small businesses over the years including commercially farming cherries. He has also helped launch several non-profit organizations including the one he and his wife started in 2012 (Seed2Life International).

Why did Brian choose real estate? That's simple - Brian is an equipper. His daily approach to life is the pursuit of health in body, mind, and spirit, so he's better prepared to help others. He loves coming alongside people and organizations alike, to help them become (more) successful. This is one of the reasons Urban Luxe Real Estate is a perfect fit for him. He finds great satisfaction helping people from all walks of life pursue and reach their real estate goals. Additionally, he values personally investing in organizations that are on the frontlines of poverty alleviation. This is why a portion of what he earns goes toward those efforts. In fact, he and his wife are working their way toward being able to give away 90% of their income.

Brian builds his business on good communication, commitment, and collaboration, all foundational to helping you reach your real estate goals, whatever they may be.

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