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Moving to Paradise Valley, AZ

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Quiet elegance and the grandeur of nature combine in an Arizona desert setting here in Paradise Valley. With great shopping, world-class dining, top schools, new housing developments, thriving business, and retail centers, and old west attractions, you’ll want to move here at the soonest.

Paradise Valley is among the Phoenix Metro Area’s most sought-after urban villages with a population of 14,293 as of 2017. This makes it the 38th largest in Arizona.

The Phoenix Metro Area’s upgraded freeway and interstate systems also make it easier for anyone to get around. This road network gives you more access to the rest of the Grand Canyon State.

Give these tips a try once you’re ready to relocate to this amazing community.

  1. Know the community’s philosophy

    Paradise Valley residents have been following this philosophy for over 50 years: “To retain a residential community in a calm and country-like setting without too much government intervention.” The foundation behind this philosophy stems from Paradise Valley’s rich history and its residents’ desire to keep the community’s quaint rural setting in the face of modern development.

    Neighborhoods in the Phoenix Metro Area are locally known as urban villages, each with their own city council-appointed planning committee. These committees strive to maintain the balance between the need for employment and housing opportunities and the preservation of the community’s identity and character.

  2. Take to the mountains

    Living in Paradise Valley gives you access to some of the most magnificent mountain ranges in Arizona. One of these is Camelback Mountain, situated between this community and the Phoenix neighborhood of Arcadia. A testament to its popularity is the over 30,000 visitors who hike on its scenic trails each year.

    Go hiking on the3.5-mile Cholla Trail, especially right before sunrise. That way, you’ll have the chance to kiss the sun’s first rays as soon as you reach Camelback’s peak. You’ll also avoid the blistering heat that could make this trail challenging. Keep yourself cool with breathable clothing, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen.

    Note that there have been several rescues made on Camelback Mountain due to some hikers straying from the trail. For a trouble-free hike, be mindful of the trail’s markers and never wander off the trail unless you’re an experienced hiker.

    Rock climbing is another popular activity in Camelback Mountain. So bring your gear, scale the sides of spectacular rock formations, and marvel in the majesty of nature around you from a unique angle.

    But if you want to go for the more laid-back mountain visit, try the rejuvenating spa treatments at Sanctuary Camelback Resort and Spa located on the mountain’s north face.

  3. Learn Arizona’s history

    You’ll find history in every corner of Paradise Valley. Several monuments and landmarks are within walking distance of each other. One such space is the Barry Goldwater Memorial Park. You’ll also find several historic homes here, two of which were designed by celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

    The town was incorporated in May 1961, although its origins date as far back as the late 1800s. Three land surveyors who came to settle here named it Paradise Valley.

    There was an influx of activity when Phoenix and Scottsdale residents decided to extend their borders after World War II. They immediately developed a liking for the less-hurried vibe of Paradise Valley.

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