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Real Estate Careers

Woman Showing A Tablet Device To A ManFinding a career you love.
The first step in changing your life is to find a career you love or a career that will allow you to fuel your passions. Real Estate has been the key factor in the fortunes of the richest people in history and Real Estate sales in no different. Becoming a Realtor can be the financial and social opportunity to build your fortune and support your family in a way that you may only have dreamed of. The key to unlocking this dream is training and support in a supportive environment where no dream is too small, no problem to difficult and no opportunity overlooked. If you are a new agent of a seasoned veteran looking to get to the next level, Urban Luxe Real Estate is right place to help you make your dreams come true. We handle all aspects of Real Estate including Residential and commercial sales, property management and even short term rental management. There is no reason that you have to pass up the opportunity to help your clients in every area of their Real Estate needs.

The Real Estate industry lies!
That’s right, you can’t just get your license and watch the money roll in. Just because someone lets you sit in a plane’s pilot seat doesn’t mean you know how to fly a plane! At Urban Luxe we understand that everyone needs a daily program with a certified mentor focused on your learning and growth, specific to where you are in your career that will not only make you productive but also successful. We start with a 16 week training course that will provide you with specific tasks built to leverage your current strengths and create a database of eager clients looking to work with you and refer you to friends and family. We will also train you on the day to day aspects of showing property, listing homes, writing contracts and using online tools and social media so that you are ready when opportunity knocks. Don’t accept the lies of other brokerages that tell you that having a business card and 6 open house signs is all you need to succeed. Let us work with you to create the success you are looking for and the fortune you and your
family deserves.

The next step.
We welcome existing agents, those currently in Real Estate school looking to become agents and those just thinking about becoming a Realtor to contact us. Once you meet with the ownership group and broker you can see for yourself how different we really are from other brokerages. Our passion is to empower you to reach the success that you are looking for, to help you reach your dreams and to help you provide a lifestyle for your families that you never thought possible.

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