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Cool down your Arizona home with these tips

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Arizona summers are notorious for their high temperatures and dry heat. It can really take a toll on the home and the people living in it. But don’t fret because we’ve got you covered!

Follow these great tips to keep your home cool and your air conditioning bills down:

Close your curtains and blinds

The easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your home cool is by closing the shades in the daytime. Don’t let the sunlight in, especially if your windows are facing east or west. Approximately 30% of heat enters the home through your windows, creating a greenhouse effect that makes cooling down more difficult.

For best results, use light-colored blinds or curtains. Think white, cream, light pink, and soft blue. Light colors reflect heat rather than absorb it, thus keeping temperatures down. Buying thermal shades is also a good idea.

Conversely, in the evenings when the temperature is at its lowest, it’s best to open your windows to let the cool air in.

Keep doors open

Opening inside doors lets air circulate easier throughout the home. Having great airflow will cool down the home faster and lessen the stress on your AC system. Closing doors, on the other hand, will trap heat inside the rooms, making it twice as hard to cool down.

Install a ceiling fan

Improve airflow by installing a ceiling fan in the main living areas or, if possible, throughout the home. These fans create tunnels of air to cool the home quickly and efficiently. They also work great for closed-off areas like porches or attics.

If your home has multiple levels, keep both the first-floor windows and the second-floor windows on the other end of the home open. Because heat rises, the ceiling fans will suck the hot air out and blow more cool air in. Fans with an oscillating feature can also help to beat the heat more effectively.

Be mindful of appliances

Appliances give off heat when they’re being used so it’s best to do your chores in the evenings.

Avoid using your ovens and stoves, if possible. There’s nothing worse than cranking up an oven in the already smoldering heat. Instead, get the grill out and cook up some barbecue.

Also, only use the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher during the evenings because they can generate a ton of heat. Remember to clean the dryer vent often to make cycles quicker and generate less heat.

Add some plants

Planting trees in your yard and putting house plants inside can help regulate your home’s temperature. Not only do these plants add to the home’s aesthetic appeal, but they also have the capability to clean the air and give a fresh supply of oxygen. West-facing walls and windows should have more plants because they get the most sunlight.

Replace or repaint your roof

If heat is a prevailing problem for you not just during the summer, then maybe a roof overhaul is in order. Change your roofing material to something that can better protect your home from the heat like slate, concrete, and tiles. Repainting your roof to lighter shades can also do a lot to decrease heat retention in the home.

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