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Discovering the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

They don’t call the Grand Canyon one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World for nothing. This natural marvel offers tons of eye candy for visitors and a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Check out these attractions what underscore the majesty of the Grand Canyon:

  1. Yavapai Museum of Geology

    Located on the South Rim, this museum has fascinating and highly informative geology exhibits that visitors will enjoy. Displays include artwork, 3D models, photographs, and new exhibits that explain the ongoing geological processes which continue to sculpt the canyon.

  2. Desert View Drive

    Along this scenic stretch are four well-maintained picnic areas and six viewpoints from where you can admire the magnificence of the Grand Canyon.

    If you travel east from Grand Canyon Village, you can make stops at several landmarks, such as Yaki Point, Duck on a Rock, Pipe Creek Vista, and the Tusayan Ruin and Museum.

  3. Rim Trail

    This shaded, well-defined trail commands stunning views of the canyon’s inner rim. It is also an easy hike for those who want to simply enjoy the scenery. Pets are allowed on the trail, provided they are on a leash. The trail has minimal elevation and is fairly safe. However, beware of lightning during thunderstorms during summer, as well as icy/slippery surfaces during winter.

  4. Bright Angel Hiking Trail

    This steep but well-maintained dirt trail offers gorgeous views of the surrounding area. Keep an eye out though for mules along the trail. Although water is available here on a seasonal basis, the supply is vulnerable to pipe breaks, so bring your own supply of water. The upper portion of the trail tends to be icy in early spring and winter, so dress appropriately.

  5. Desert View Watchtower

    This small settlement 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village is among the highlights of the park. Desert View Drive provides a scenic route to the village.

    Enjoy panoramic views of the Colorado River, the Painted Desert, and the Rim from the Watchtower, a dramatic stone structure rising 70 feet from the landscape.

    Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, designer of the Watchtower, created this masterpiece with the architecture of the ancestral Puebloan people of the Colorado Plateau in mind.

  6. Wildlife Viewing

    Teeming with native flora and fauna, the Grand Canyon is the perfect spot for wildlife viewing and nature photography. Get the chance to see the majestic animals and foliage that call the park their habitat on a day trip to the area.

    The National Park Service (NPS) put in place some guidelines for a safe and educational wildlife viewing for both humans and animals in the Grand Canyon: (1) Stay 50 feet away from birds, small mammals, and reptiles; (2) stay 100 feet away from elk, deer, mountain lions, and condors; and (3) do not try to capture any animal’s attention, like making clicking or whistling sounds. Doing so is illegal.

  7. Historic Kolb Studio

    Located within an old Victorian-style home on a precipice of the Grand Canyon, this studio was founded by brothers Emery and Ellsworth Kolb, photography and filmmaking pioneers in the area. Here you’ll find a fascinating collection of antique cameras that will pique your interest.

    It also hosts the annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, a six-day event that showcases the works of artists from all over the country, followed by an exhibition that runs for an extended time at the studio.

  8. IMAX Movie at the National Geographic Visitor Center

    Just outside the south entrance of the park, you’ll find one of the oldest IMAX theaters in the United States. “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets” is also among the longest running films to be shown in the theater. The said film runs for 34 minutes and plays every half-hour across a six-story screen with 12,000-watt digital surround sound.

    Learn the history of the Grand Canyon and watch its stunning scenery in high resolution. It has been a long-running tradition for visiting families to catch the film at this theater.

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