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Eco-friendly features your luxury home needs

Green luxury homes? Can it be done? Yes! These days, architects and builders are taking one step further to create homes that aren’t only luxurious but eco-friendly.

So when you’re shopping for luxury real estate in Paradise Valley, AZ, keep your eye out for the following features. They will help make your life (and the earth!) better.

  1. Sustainable materials from local suppliers

    A great way to be eco-friendly is to find a luxury house made with locally sourced and sustainable materials. This was actually how builders made homes back in the day, using what they could find in the area.

    By focusing on materials that are abundant and available in the region, builders and architects support local suppliers and even keep pollution at bay. It also helps with construction time, as locally sourced materials can be moved quickly and easily to the building site.

  2. Air-tight insulation

    Larger houses tend to lose a great deal of energy because of unregulated airflow and air leaks. In fact, you can lose as much as 30 percent of the heat in your home. As a result, you consume more energy and pay higher energy costs. This makes a luxury home with airtight insulation especially attractive.

    Green roofs, living walls (also known as vertical gardens), and double- or triple-glazed windows can further improve a luxury house’s energy consumption, indoor temperature, and air quality.

  3. Solar power

    One of the best sources of clean energy shines right above us, and you can easily harvest this energy without doing much through solar panels. This tech innovation harnesses the power of the sun’s rays, converts it into electricity, and then stores it for future use. It can be used to power just about anything, including your new luxury home.

    If you’re worried about aesthetics, don’t be. Gone are the days when solar panels are clunky, awkward things. The market now offers contemporary and elegant designs, making solar panels blend well with the look of the luxury home.

  4. Natural cooling and heating

    When we think of heating and cooling systems, conventional heat pumps often come to mind. The thing is that they’re not the most eco-friendly home feature. Luckily, there’s a green alternative− geothermal cooling and heating.

    Instead of a conventional heat pump, a geothermal heat pump is used to transfer energy from a ground source and into the luxury home. The ground source is usually buried 10 feet below, giving you access to stable temperatures.

    Used in conjunction with solar panels, this natural cooling and heating system will lessen your carbon footprint and make your luxury house more energy-efficient.

    Learn more about geothermal heating and cooling here.

  5. LED lighting and smart tech

    LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. They also last longer so you don’t have to constantly make trips to the home depot.

    Smart tech is another practical and efficient feature that makes a luxury house more comfortable and sustainable. You can easily control aspects like lighting and heating to decrease overall energy consumption with just a few clicks and taps even if you’re not home.

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