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Five landscaping tips that will freshen up your yard for the sale

Five landscaping tips that will freshen up your yard for the sale

Your home’s front and back yards are not just there for decoration. They can be extensions of the living space, where people can enjoy the fresh air and a piece of the outdoors in privacy. Additionally, they boost the curb appeal and contribute to the overall appearance of a neighborhood.

Because of these reasons, the yard is a valuable asset to any house. And just like any precious feature, it needs some TLC. Here are five landscaping tips that will breathe new life to your yard and attract potential home buyers.

  1. Make it a habit to prune trees and shrubs regularly

    Dead or extremely long branches and overgrown shrubs do nothing but bring the overall look of your property down. It gives the idea that the yard is not well-maintained. Pruning does not have to be a weekly or monthly thing. In fact, you can reserve the chore every after season.

  2. Replace broken pots and containers

    Damaged pots are not only unsightly. They can be dangerous, as scattered pieces can injure you or anyone walking in and around the yard. A simple trip to the hardware store’s gardening section will reveal tons of options for replacements. You can go for classic pots in dark brown and terracotta shades or opt for something more colorful.

  3. Get some fresh mulch

    Keep the soil in your flower beds healthy, cool, and rich in moisture by laying down a fresh batch of mulch. The good thing is you do not need to do it often. Organic mulch takes some time to decompose, between five to fix years. To be sure, watch out for signs of discoloration and decomposition. If rain and wind has taken some of the layers away, all you need to do is add mulch.

  4. Consider adding seasonal plants to the garden

    Seeing the same old plants and colors every day of the year can make the yard boring. Complement the trusty annuals with some swathes of seasonal blooms to keep things interesting and your yard fresh every season of the year. For instance, Texas mountain laurel produces fragrant purple flowers every spring and vinca is a great summer bloom, adding pops of pink to the yard.

  5. Give the annual and perennial plants some love

    Unhealthy annual and perennial plants can drag the entire yard, as well as your property’s attractiveness and price, down. Before you stick the “For Sale” sign for everyone to see, tidy up these plants and give them the trim and pruning they need. If they are beyond help, remove these plants entirely and replace them with container plants instead. Container plants are already grown and do not take time to establish.

How your yard looks can boost your property for sale in Scottsdale

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