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Here are 4 Outstanding Features Your Valley Luxury Home Should Have

luxury veranda with pool

Luxury living is more than just having the most stunning, high-end house on the market. Living it up is more about the complete experience that you get out of your home.

The best thing about owning luxury real estate in Scottsdale, AZ or any other upscale Metro Phoenix community is that you can deck it out however you like. But there are also elements you can consider essential to make your prime real estate investment uniquely your own. Take these four examples:

A Spacious Patio or Balcony with a View

Make your purchase of prime real estate in the Greater Phoenix Area count. The most coveted locations come with the most breathtaking views of your surrounding area – whether it’s the bright and vibrant cityscape or the natural, haunting beauty of the sprawling desert.

Having an airy master bedroom or a stately great room fitted with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows is a great way to take in these views from indoors. Better yet, enjoy the warmth of the sunshine directly on a large, fully furnished balcony or a sprawling, landscaped outdoor space.

Not only will you have an exceptional place to unwind in your private time, you will also have great places on your property for entertaining guests.

A Fully Connected and Automated Smart Appliance “Ecosystem”

The current wave of “smart home” technology offers the perfect fit for living in the lap of luxury. Upscale and sophisticated homes are no longer just about comfort and style. Digitally connected and interactive appliances add to the convenience of day-to-day living in a huge way.

Consider the smart thermostat, for example. This appliance ensures the ideal temperatures around your home, all controlled from one central interface that you can access wherever you are inside the house. You are not only comfortable, you are energy-efficient, too.

A Bar and/or Wine Cellar

An expansive wine collection is one of the trendiest additions to include in your luxury home. It’s a worthwhile investment too because it gives you an impressive stash to share or show off, to your guests whenever you are entertaining.

The Room of Your Dreams

What are your hobbies? Your favorite recreational activities? When you can afford a luxury home, you can pull out all the stops to make it your personal slice of paradise.

This special room can be anything that you want it to be. Perhaps a trophy room of your most prized collections or achievements, for example. Maybe an expansive game room, fitted with its very own bowling alley. Or maybe a mini-theater to keep your inner cinephile entertained.

It doesn’t even have to be indoors. How about putting up a personal mini-golf course in the backyard, or a swimming pool that lets you get your daily laps in?

Your imagination is the only limit. What’s important is that you can carve out a space where you will have convenient, even instant, access to the things you enjoy best.

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