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Home security is no joke, doubly-so for luxury homes. Mansions for sale in Phoenix AZ need the best protection possible. A luxury home security system must be robust, reliable, and responsive. The problem is that it can be difficult to find such a security system, especially on a budget. You need to do some research and look into the different options to make sure they are right for you. Here are some tips on how to choose a luxury home security system to protect your home and belongings.

  1. Don’t Use Cellular Data or Wi-Fi for Wireless Security

    Wireless security is good, but it has a serious flaw; anyone that has access to a computer and has done a little research is able to bypass an unsecured smart home security system powered by Wi-Fi wireless technology. That’s why you want the latest professional systems that come with Z-Wave Technology. This is Ea form of wireless communication that is far more difficult to bypass or disrupt.

    Always avoid using a do-it-yourself kit when it comes to security. They offer those on a budget good protection against unsophisticated criminals, but almost all of them use vulnerable networks. Mansions for sale in Phoenix AZ need something more than basic security.

  2. Use Extra Cameras in Living Areas

    Even the most basic of security packages offer a camera and motion sensor. A luxury home will need more than just the one set though. Burglars will go around the perimeter of a home and look for a weak point in the security. They find the best entry point. Be sure to cover all aspects of the living area and the front of the property. Proper coverage and protection is doubly important if there are priceless items or art collected in the house.

  3. Get Extra Security for Vacations

    Central monitoring of a property is vital, particularly for properties that are left vacant during vacations and if you take a lot of business trips. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. They are conducted when someone notices that the house is empty. Those who frequently go on vacation or who live in several houses and move between them should maintain constant central monitoring of their properties.

  4. Protect Windows and Doors Too

    While you should have good coverage with cameras and motion sensors, you don’t need to put them on every door and window. Doors and windows are better protected by using glass-break sensors and open-close sensors. These sensors alert you if someone opens a door or breaks a window and they alert the authorities through the central monitoring station.

  5. Smart Home Security

    Smart home security does more than just protect your property. They also connect with other smart devices and security components and make life much more convenient. Geofencing offers location-based automation that will alert authorities if someone enters a particular area, even if the doors are unlocked and the alarm system is disabled. Smart home technology automates many aspects of daily life including appliances, lights, thermostats, and more. That level of sophisticated automation and functionality helps to protect your family all while making life easier for them.

Final Thoughts

Buying a mansion or another luxury home takes a lot of money. Don’t spend all that money on a home and then skimp on the security to protect it. Invest in smart home security and other security solutions to protect your property.

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