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How to Add a “Smart” Bathroom in Your Home

smart bathroom

The “smart home” setup is all the rage these days. But when we talk about smart tech in the home, it’s often the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room applications that come to mind.

How about smart technologies in the bathroom? How can the wave of modern home living innovations improve how we use one of the most personal and private areas inside the house?

Here are five ways you can upgrade to a smart bathroom:

Save Water with Digital Faucets

High-tech faucets are more than just the infrared sensor-activated ones you see in malls and restaurant bathrooms.

Now, faucets can “learn” your regular hand-washing or tooth-brushing habits. These fixtures have timers that determine when the water should run, such as when you first wet your toothbrush and again when it’s time to rinse.

Controlled tap flow goes a long way in conserving water, and as a result, your utility bills.

Automate Your Toilet

Heated toilet seats have been around for a while, but there are plenty of other innovations that improve the ways you enjoy your toilet time.

Advanced toilets can include hands-free features such as adjustable-pressure spritzing (via built-in bidets) with temperature-controlled water. There are even models with drying mechanisms built-in.

Because you don’t have to touch anything other than your control panel to clean up or even to flush, these high-tech toilets promote better hygiene in your bathroom.

Upgrade to Advanced, LED-Backlit Mirrors

People today are so used to touchscreen panels that it only makes sense to integrate advanced features in the humble bathroom mirror.

Home solutions manufacturers like Häfele, Duravit, and Evervue have been developing high-tech mirrors for the most luxurious bathroom experiences. Special features include adjustable LED lighting to improve visibility on the mirror, anti-fogging temperature control, and integration with digital assistants like Alexa that keeps you connected with the rest of your smart appliance ecosystem.

Install Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinets and Warming Drawers

The traditional bathroom mirror typically doubles as a medicine cabinet. Thanks to modern technology, this function has also been upgraded.

Smart bathroom fixtures now include dedicated refrigerated cabinets for storing medicines and even cold drinks if you like to unwind in your spa-style bathroom.

While there are cabinets for cooling, there are also drawers designed for keeping things warm. Use these to make sure you have nice and toasty towels or bathrobes to dry off with after your refreshing soak or shower.

Take Showering to the Next Level with LCD Control Panels and Bluetooth-connected Showerheads

A refreshing shower is one of the greatest pleasures in life, especially when you’re dealing with sweltering summer heat in the Valley. Now, imagine just how much better this feeling becomes with digital features that allow you not only to control water temperature and consumption but also to listen to your favorite music or podcasts – straight from the showerhead!

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