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How to Move With Pets

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Moving is difficult at the best of times. It’s a highly stressful experience, and it’s only more stressful for pets. They have little to no understanding of what is happening and they have to adjust to a new environment. It’s a lot to ask of them. Here are some helpful tips on how to move with pets, courtesy of your friendly Scottsdale real estate agents.

1. Put Together an Overnight Kit

The first step is to gather items together for an “overnight kit” for pets. It should have enough food, toys, and tools (including kitty litter and puppy pads) to keep them comfortable in those stressful first few days.

2. Consult Your Vet
Be sure to talk to your vet before moving, especially if you are moving to another area. You need to take any prescriptions, medications, and pet records with you for your new vet. They might even have some recommendations of good vets in your new neighborhood.

3. Try to Keep Pets Away From The Process
One of the easiest ways to keep things stress-free for your pets is to have them avoid the hustle and bustle altogether. Keep them in a quiet area or consider leaving them with a friend or at a kennel/cattery. Empty out a bedroom and let them stay in there while all the action happens or put them in the garage. What matters is that they are somewhere they can be comfortable with all the food and water they need. Don’t forget to check in on them regularly. Try to match your current schedule as best you can even at this hectic time of moving.

4. Take Your Pets with You
Scottsdale real estate agents recommend that you have your pets ride with you in your vehicle. Keep cats and small dogs on the back seat in their carrier. Put the seats down to make room for a larger dog in the back. Consider putting a blanket over the carrier so they don’t get stressed out by the shifting environment around the car.

5. Don’t Let Them Out Until It’s Time

Avoid letting your pet out until you are inside the house. They could easily run off and get lost. Even the most docile and obedient of pets can get stressed and run off. Give your pet a few days to adjust to their new home. Moving house is actually a great time to get your cat used to the idea of being an indoor cat if you’d like them to stay indoors.

6. Keep Pets Secluded

Set the house up as much as possible before giving your pets free roam. Even if all you can do is have one room ready for them, that’s good enough. Let them stay in a part o fthe house as they adjust to the new surroundings. Give them plenty of affection and attention and give them familiar items like blankets and toys. They need to feel at home as much as you do.

Final Thoughts

Remember that moving can be just as stressful for pets as it can be for people. Be patient with them and try to cater to their needs as much as you can. Don’t forget to update their microchip with your new information once you’ve moved!
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