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How to sell your home fast without spending a dime

When moving to a new home, you probably aren’t able to seal the deal until your current house is sold. It can take months, however, to even get an offer.

A tried and tested method that can help sell your house fast is home staging. In a 2016 study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), it was discovered that staged homes get offers in about twenty-three days. That’s 90 percent faster than other houses that weren’t staged before listing.

Here are a couple of tips to help you stage your home and sell your home faster.

  1. Clean everything

    Yes, everything. If you’re a neat freak, this is your moment to shine. Deep-clean every area, especially nooks and crannies that are more prone to collect dust and dirt. These include bathroom and kitchen counters, shelves, mantels, and the spaces behind and under furniture.

    When it comes to decluttering, pay special attention to your closets. Sell or donate stuff you haven’t used to show off your house’s storage potential.

  2. Set your dining room table

    In home staging, you’re creating an image that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. Decorate thoughtfully and with a purpose.

    Nothing does the job quite like the dinner table, so give it your utmost attention. Bring out your best plates and linens but don’t go over the top. Get some inspiration from websites such as Pinterest to channel your inner designer and create a cozy area where people can gather and entertain.

  3. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

    If you’re a buyer, what do you want to see when you’re looking at a home? Do you want it spartan or well-appointed? Do you want a kitchen as-is or an updated one? Do you want the surfaces to be cluttered or minimal? Think like a buyer and list down all the things you want to see in a home then get down to business.

  4. Move the furniture around

    After decluttering, stand at a central point and analyze your rooms. Does your current layout make people want to come in and stay around or will they run into things and wish they never went in?

    Make sure your furniture is just the right size for the room they’re in. Store any bulky furniture and move other elements so they’re not close to the walls. If your home is arranged so there’s plenty of space in the middle for kids to play around or to watch TV, rearrange the furniture so it creates a cozy family and entertainment space.

  5. Add natural elements

    A great way to bring everything together and give your house that home aura is to add fresh flowers in full bloom. Decorative greenery in nice pots and jars also breathe life and add a pop of color into any space.

    In the kitchen, leave a bowl of fruit on the counter or table. If you grow herbs, create a little space for an indoor garden. Another way to bring the outside in is to draw the curtains and let the light stream in.

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