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Kitchen Remodeling for All Types of Budget

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Lots of people would love nothing more than to have a full remodel/renovation done on their kitchen. Those can be expensive though, and take a long time to save up for. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do for your kitchen across all budgets. Here are some top tips from Scottsdale real estate agents for kitchen remodels at any budget.

Remodel with a $100 Budget

$100 is enough to change the wall color given that kitchens have a limited amount of wall space. Take care of the job yourself to save money on paint and use the spare money left over to get some new art to beautify the kitchen even more.

Remodel with a $300 Budget

For $300 you can change the walls and add a new light fixture. Swapping out just one tired old light fixture can make a real difference to the look and feel of a kitchen. There are many budget lighting choices out there too. If you have some money left over then consider replacing all of the lights in the kitchen.

Remodel with a $500 Budget

With $500 you can repaint walls, replace lights, and add some extra open shelves. No matter how you feel about open shelving, there’s no denying that it adds a lot of extra space. Even replacing a small cabinet with an open shelf makes a kitchen feel a lot more spacious.

Remodel with a $700 Budget

After you’ve done all of that, you can replace the faucets in the sink. Replacing the faucet costs much less than getting an entirely new sink (which we’ll get to in a minute) and it’s an easy DIY job for the handy homeowner.

Remodel with a $1,000 Budget

If you’ve got the money then you can purchase an entirely new sink. Keep in mind that it could cost more to install your sink if it is a different style to the old one. The counter – or the sink – may need to be adjusted, which will definitely come with a cost.

Remodel with a $1,500 Budget

The next upgrade for your kitchen is to install new cabinets. New cabinets are one of the most expensive upgrades to a kitchen, so avoid doing it if you can. Rather, you can just repaint old ones to breathe new life back into them. Replace old pulls and knobs instead of replacing an entire cabinet.

Remodel with a $5,000 Budget

One of the biggest changes you can make to your kitchen would be install new counter tops. There are many options out there for materials, with different materials costing different amounts. Shop around until you find the right material at the right price for you.

Remodel With a $10,000 Budget

If you have a full budget then go all out; do the paint, lighting, shelves, sink, cabinets, and counters. When you’ve done all of that, put the rest of the money towards new appliances. Replace the old appliances and install them in the same places to cut down installation costs.

Sometimes remodelling won’t be enough to get your dream kitchen. In certain cases it can be better to opt to purchase a new home that comes included with a spectacular and modern kitchen. Get in touch with our expert real estate agents at Urban Luxe Real Estate. Call us today at 480.359.6519 or send an email to info(at)urbanluxere(dotted)com.