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What has changed since COVID-19?
In the grand scheme of things not much has changed -we still have low inventory and the demand is high. What has changed is some people’s ability to buy; some have lost their jobs or are now taking care of others who have lost their jobs. If you have the ability to buy and can take advantage of historically low rates do it! If you want to sell; whether for lifestyle or financial reasons, the market is still strong to garner (?) you top dollar and terms.

Supply: As of today there is 10,230 active homes on the market in Maricopa County 8,390 of which are single family homes. This still remains one of the lowest supply levels we have seen historically in the valley.

Demand: According to Bloomberg there are over two hundred people a day moving Arizona. We have roughly 63 days of inventory meaning if nothing new came on the market all of the homes would be sold in 63 days

Now is not the time to make rushed decisions; we are here as a resource for you and anyone else you know who have questions come up during this unique time in real estate and life! Remember “Don’t allow short term emotions drive decisions with long term consequences”