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Marketing to Sell Your Home

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Ensure the quick and stress-free sale of your home with these home selling tips.

  1. Work with an agent

    Many sellers forego hiring an agent to save on money. But this could end up being a costly mistake. You can potentially lose more if you undersell your home, make too many concessions during negotiations or reduce the asking price when your home sits in the market for too long.

    An agent can help you market the property and secure the best price for it. Call us, Urban Luxe Real Estate, at 480.359.6519 or send an email to info(at)urbanluxere(dotted)com to attract the highest offers for your home.

  2. Prepare your home for a sale

    Some sellers prepare their home several months up to a year before putting it on the market. Make sure that the home is in a sellable state so that you can attract more offers and sell quickly. Clean every room thoroughly, give attention to areas and/or fixtures in obvious need of repairs, and replace old, stained, or damaged fixtures, tiles, and window panes.

  3. Stage your home

    Make your home universally appealing by freshening up the space with a new coat of paint. Bring in furniture that complements the look and feel of your space and take out décor like photos, trophies, travel souvenirs – anything that marks the space as your own.

    If you’re selling a luxury home, the common practice is to work with a professional staging company who will bring in furniture and artworks to make the home more attractive to top-tier buyers.

  4. Maximize curb appeal

    You only have a few seconds to make a positive first impression on buyers so make sure that the exterior of the home is in immaculate condition. Landscape the grounds, clean the pool, repaint the exterior walls, and fix or replace the metal hardware on the gate and front door.

  5. Take high-quality photos

    A majority of buyers start their home search online and they rely mostly on photos when deciding which open houses to attend. Make sure to take well-lit, high-resolution photos of the exterior, the yard, and each room in the house. Take lots of them – a Zillow research found that homes with less than 9 photos are about 20% less likely to sell within 60 days than a home with anywhere from 22 to 27 photos.

    A professional real estate photographer can use various techniques to play up the strengths of the home and make each room appear larger in photos. A videographer, meanwhile, can create a virtual tour of your home. Employing their services is a worthwhile investment that will ensure faster selling time for your home.

  6. Put up a listing

    List your home in as many online portals as possible so that a wide range of buyers can find it. An agent can put the listing up on the local MLS.
    Include a detailed and engaging listing description that highlights the features of your home.

    The agent can provide you with the most widely searched keywords in your neighborhood. At the national level, popular listing terms typically include the following keywords: heated floors, steam showers, and professional appliances.

  7. Use various marketing techniques

    Traditional marketing techniques include posting “for sale” signs and handing out flyers. Social media is also a reliable tool that can help get the word out on your listing. Major real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia will allow you to reach a large audience.

    Open houses allow buyers to view your home personally and decide if it is the property for them. The agent can help you schedule open houses and give you tips on how to protect your privacy and safety during these events.

    When selling a high-end home, you’ll want to be more discreet. Your agent will rely on a private network of top-tier buyers and schedule private home viewing tours. The listing can be posted on sites that cater specifically to high profile clients looking to expand their real estate portfolio.

Ready to sell? Call us, Urban Luxe Real Estate, at 480.359.6519 or send an email to info(at)urbanluxere(dotted)com for professional guidance on the selling process.