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Preparing your home for the Arizona summer

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The Arizona heat can be unforgiving, especially at the height of summer in August. In some cases, it won’t let up until the end of September. Make sure that your home is ready for summer with these tips.

  1. Get air conditioning

    The importance of air conditioning during summer months cannot be emphasized more. Investing in a modern AC unit is a wonderful solution to the sweltering heat, especially a solar-powered one. It is environment-friendly and more cost-efficient in cooling your home.

    Is the AC unit out? Don’t wait until July to get it fixed. By then the high temps will have wreaked havoc on your home and household members.

  2. Clear the area around the AC unit

    Inspect the outdoor condensing unit and remove debris like leaves, weeds, and dead grass. Also, make sure to trim the bushes or shrubs near it. Doing so ensures that there will be adequate airflow to the AC unit.

  3. Check or replace your filters

    Check your air filter before putting your AC to work. Arizona’s dry and warm winters, along with its arid desert environment, are the perfect combination for dirt-infused air. Filthy air filters limit airflow, forcing your AC to operate with less efficiency. Ideally, your filters should be inspected once a month and replaced once these become noticeably dirty.

  4. Turn down the thermostat

    Many homeowners forget to lower the temperature on their thermostat. Unless you move the dial, you won’t be able to turn on the AC or heat pump. So if you’re having problems with your AC in the summer, the problem could simply be your thermostat set at a higher temperature.

  5. Get regular HVAC maintenance

    AC units take a beating in the summer, and even if you don’t use your unit all year round, regular maintenance is still a must. If you subscribe to a monthly AC service, a professional will come in to check the unit’s refrigerant level. They will determine if its mechanical and electrical components (filters, fins, coils, etc.) are still in excellent shape or are in need of replacement. Regular tune-ups will keep your AC unit running efficiently during the hottest months when you need it most.

  6. Seal all air leaks

    Keep your cooling costs to a minimum during the summer by sealing air leaks in your home. This keeps your AC unit working more efficiently. Seal areas around electrical outlets and fixtures, caulk around windows and doors, and replace worn down weather stripping.

  7. Seal gaps

    Insects and pests like ants, termites, spiders, scorpions, and lizards come out in the summer, so seal gaps between window and door frames. Also, clear away piles of debris from the yard. A pest control professional can treat your home with long-term, environment-friendly solutions.

  8. Do some landscaping

    The perfect choice for an Arizona home is low maintenance, desert-style landscaping. This landscaping design makes use of gravel instead of grass, and native trees and cacti instead of flowers.

    You’ll be surprised by how great your yard will look. Done right, the silver, grey, and brown shades of desert-style landscaping can look stunning. Moreover, it requires less water to maintain and less grooming and pruning.

Summer in Arizona is a great time for basking in the sun, not for worrying over the heat. So prepare your home for the summer to make this season an enjoyable one. Call us, Urban Luxe Real Estate, at 480.359.6519 or send an email to info(at)urbanluxere(dotted)com to find the perfect home.