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Sights you need to see while walking around Phoenix

Sights you need to see while walking around Phoenix

Do you need to hit the 10,000-step mark? Perhaps you want to go further? We have an idea that will get you to hit that goal all while enjoying yourself— go on a walking tour of Phoenix! You will be hitting not just two, but three birds with one stone as you will also get to explore the city.

Not convinced? We rounded up city sights, both mainstream and not completely on the tourist radar, that you can visit as you rack up those steps.

  1. Heritage Square
    113 N 6th Street

    Dating back to the 1800s, the Heritage Square is a must-stop for any kind of Phoenix tour. This is probably the oldest part of Phoenix, located right on Block 14, which is part of the original town site. There are several sights to check out here such as the Rosson House, the Heritage Gallery, and the Bungalow.

  2. PHX Alley of the Arts
    Between 1st and 2nd Street

    Unlike most of the sights on this list, the Alley of the Arts is one that will definitely require you to ditch the car and be on foot. Once a garbage dump, this alley tucked between the First and Second Streets have been transformed into a public art space. Look at the walls to find colorful murals depicting all sorts of things.

    The future is also exciting for the Alley of the Arts. In the future, it will have public seating, micro retail spaces, an urban garden, and more.

  3. Valley Metro Rail Stations

    We’ll be the first to admit that some distances are far too great to be covered on foot. Good thing there’s the ever-reliable Valley Metro light rail to take you to different parts of Phoenix. As you travel, take your time to explore the stations, some of which also serve as art spaces. Take the station at 3rd St/Washington for instance. Here, you can view an exhibit of bolo ties, Arizona’s official state tie. There are over 50 pieces on display.

  4. Papago Park
    625 N Galvin Pkwy

    Add more steps to your pedometer at Papago Park, a sprawling park covering nearly 1,500 acres of land that straddles the cities of Phoenix and Tempe. You can take a break from your walking tour here, as well as check out on-site attractions. There’s the Phoenix Zoo and Hunt’s Tomb, the latter of which has become a local monument. You’ll easily identify it as it’s the small white pyramid on top of the hill. There is also the Papago Golf Course and the Desert Botanical Garden.

  5. Heard Museum
    2301 N Central Ave

    American Indian art takes the spotlight at the Heard Museum which opened in 1929. On display are Indian dolls, objects from the native people of the Southwest, and various native art from different parts of the world, among other things. If you’re lucky, you might be just in time for one of the museum’s cultural events.

You can go on a walking tour of Phoenix anytime if you live here

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