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Six secrets to selling Arizona luxury real estate

Six secrets to selling Arizona luxury real estate

Many people dream of living in a big house filled with top-of-the-line features and luxurious amenities. Selling a luxury home, however, is sometimes easier said than done. Here are six things you can do to sell luxury real estate and mansions for sale in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

  1. Work with a luxury home specialist

    Luxury homes and buyers are in a league of their own. And so, they require a different level of care, service, and attention. Instead of a regular real estate agent, find an expert on luxury real estate to help you sell your property.

  2. Offer white-glove service

    Luxury real estate tends to attract more high-end buyers, naturally. They are usually more discerning, know what they want, and expect some high quality customer service.

    This doesn’t mean you should offer champagne all the time (although it would be a good idea for private showings). Make sure your realtor is available 24/7 to attend to calls and inquiries. When luxury buyers come knocking, they want to be answered as soon as possible.

  3. Tell a story

    High-definition photographs of your luxury house know how to do the talking, but it’s still better if there is accompanying write-up for each listing photo.

    You don’t have to pen a novel. A short paragraph describing what is in the photo would do. Insert selling features in the description, such as the materials and brand appliances used. For example: “In the master’s bath, soak and relax in the Whirlpool jacuzzi overlooking the Sonoran Desert.”

  4. Incorporate the lifestyle in the listing

    Luxury home buyers are not only interested in the property itself, but the kind of lifestyle they can live in it as well.

    Is your property a party pad with plenty of entertainment and living space, or is it an eco-friendly abode close to a variety of outdoor recreational spots? Perhaps your luxury house is best described as resort-style, complete with a spa and its own fitness center.

    Make sure to include the lifestyle options in your listing and other marketing collaterals. Are there good schools, shopping, and dining nearby? Point these out as well.

  5. Stage the house accordingly

    Did you know that home staging can increase your profits by up to 25 percent? To reach a figure this high, tap into the expertise of a professional home stager, preferably one who specializes in luxury properties. They will know how to highlight the luxury aspect of your property, decorate with the appropriate furnishings, and showcase its best features.

  6. Don’t forget the view

    If there is one thing luxury home buyers simply must have, it’s an amazing view. Whether it’s of the Sonoran Desert, the mountains afar that line the horizon, or of Downtown Phoenix, don’t forget to mention these vistas.

    It also helps to mention house features that help prospective homeowners to enjoy these views, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, and outdoor living spaces.

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