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Six signs your roof needs fixing

Man installing asphalt roof

Your roof might be above your head, but it bears a lot of burden. And while it doesn’t require regular maintenance, it does need its fair share of love and care. Here are six signs you need to replace or even change your roof.

  1. Moss and/or algae cover the shingles 

    More often than not, moss and algae covering the shingles of your roof is just a cosmetic issue that can be resolved by washing them with a water-and-bleach mix. But if you really can’t bear the sight of it, consider replacing them with algae-resistant tiles. Whatever you do, do not scrape the shingles.

  2. You see granules in the gutter 

    Granules help protect the shingles and the asphalt from the sun. So, if your roof is anywhere between 10 or 15 years and you keep finding granules in the gutter, you need to act fast. Sun exposure will make the shingles bake and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

  3. You can see sunlight peeping into the attic or ceiling 

    It might be because some of the shingles on your roof have curled because of weathering. When this happens, leaks and holes can follow. Worst case scenario is you won’t be dealing with just sunlight, but snow, rain, and cold air as well, not to mention water stains.Call a professional roof expert to assess the damage. If your roof is fairly new and in good condition, fixing leaks won’t be hard. But if your roof is past its prime, it may be wiser to replace it entirely.

  4. Some of the shingles are cracked 

    Normally crackled shingles are not much of a concern. It happens as they are constantly exposed to the wind. It becomes a problem, however, when the cracking is spread all throughout the roof. You also don’t want to find cracked shingles down on the ground as they can be potentially sharp and dangerous.You have about three to five years to replace the cracked shingles until the whole roof becomes compromised. If the cracking is isolated in just a small area, wait a little longer or perhaps consult a professional.

  5. The roof is sagging 

    A roof only sags when there is an underlying structural issue. This endangers the entire household as you don’t know exactly when the roof will give in.Once you have determined the roof is, indeed, sagging, it’s best to resolve the problem as soon as possible before it gets worse.

  6. Your roof is over 30 years old 

    Without a doubt, good-quality roofs have a long lifespan, typically between 20 and 30 years. If your roof is at this stage, contact a professional to come and take a look at it to see if it’s still in good condition.If your roof is over 30 years old (maybe you bought an older home with a roof that has yet to be replaced), that’s even more cause to hire a roof expert. Even if it’s still in a fairly nice condition, it might be time to retire it.

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