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Top 5 reasons why people are getting a luxury home

Lovely young couple with sold sign in front of their house

The luxury lifestyle starts with an incredible home. This is why high-end buyers from every part of the country and all over the world are interested in Scottsdale, AZ’s diverse luxury real estate market.

Here are the top five reasons why people are so eager to have their own Scottsdale luxury home:

  1. For the ultimate comfort and convenience
  2. Equipped with the latest amenities, your luxury home is made to be a place for the utmost in comfort and convenience. You are assured of high-quality materials, the latest appliances and fixtures, and well-crafted finishes that are benchmarks of a well-maintained high-end home. Some of the essential luxury home features include:

    • Spa bathrooms
    • Gourmet kitchens
    • Swimming pools
    • Fitness centers
    • Seamless indoor/outdoor living
    • Smart home technology
    • Eco-friendly materials and fixtures

    No luxury home is complete without an entertainment area, as well. Whether it’s a game room or a private home theater, it’s a place where homeowners can relax and enjoy their hobbies.

  3. Unparalleled privacy
  4. Some upscale buyers take their privacy very seriously. This is why peace and quiet are among their major requirements in a luxury home – sometimes even more important than the cooler-than-average amenities. Many homes of this nature are located in exclusive gated communities.

    Then there are some homebuyers who prefer hidden homes. These houses are literally concealed or camouflaged, away from the public’s prying eyes. Homes like these are not typically sold online. Instead, these are sold via private networks that only trustworthy and long-time real estate brokers are privy to.

  5. The best security
  6. Luxury homeowners can breathe easy, knowing their home is secure 24/7 due to installed smart home security systems. Think high-tech home security with cameras, thermal sensors, alarms, and the like. Many of these advanced security set-ups allow homeowners to view their property remotely via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. These systems may also have sensors that can alert authorities in case of emergencies like fire or gas leaks.

  7. Live in a highly sought-after community
  8. Luxury homes are often located in Scottsdale’s most desirable neighborhoods like Arabian Green, Silverleaf, and Desert Mountain. These private communities have wonderful amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, walking trails, and security detail. They are also conveniently located near incredible shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations.

    Living in a luxury home community also gives you the opportunity to meet interesting and like-minded people. You can do so during community events and other social gatherings. Creating meaningful connections is easy, especially when your neighbors are on a similar wavelength.

  9. Smart investment opportunity
  10. Luxury real estate is one of the best long-term investment options there is. The demand for these properties is always around, regardless of market conditions. That and their strong intrinsic value make them more stable investments than bonds and stocks that, during bad seasons, can turn into losing investments.

    Upscale properties are also a popular investment option because they’re constantly performing assets. You’ll be able to live in your property while it appreciates in value. This is something you don’t have the privilege of enjoying when your money is invested in the usual investment instruments.

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