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Carmen Gilmore



Carmen Gilmore was introduced to the real estate industry at just 8 years old when she became an assistant to her older sister, and now fellow real estate associate and mentor. Carmen is a Arizona native, born and raised here in Scottsdale. After high school, she moved to Miami, Florida where she ventured into the finance and marketing industries for a couple years before deciding to move back to Arizona and officially begin her real estate career as an agent herself. Growing up in a family environment that was deeply rooted in the real estate industry was a huge blessing as she was able to observe, listen, and learn for many years before receiving her real estate license.

As a child, Carmen always desired to incorporate her passions with her career. Real estate is not only one of her passions, but what she views as a gateway to collectively bring that desire to life! Her love for animal rights aligns with her love to help people in the real estate community. Carmen spends time as a humane society and local animal shelter volunteer and advocate in Arizona as well as Florida, and donates a percentage of her commissions to an animal charity, shelter, or organization of her client’s choice. She aspires to own her own shelters one day and will continue to incorporate that with her real estate business.

Carmen tackles challenges head first, and strives to alleviate the stressful moments away from her clients, and guide them through to the finish line. She prides herself in building trustworthy relationships with her clients and to intently listen to their true needs and wishes, so she can represent them in the most effective manner. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, investing, or seeking for a property manager, Carmen will uphold herself and her standards to execute consistent and reliable performance above her client’s expectations.

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