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David Mason



You could say Dave has been doing real estate all his life. He started working for his mother who was a real estate agent at the age of 10 delivering flyers in the neighborhood. While still in college Dave started his real estate career in the summers, which paid his college tuition. Dave was an early innovator back in the early 90s when a computer was not something that was seen in a real estate office. He built his own automated postcard marketing system to keep his clients apprised of what was happening in the real estate market. By the age of 25 he won an international marketing award for his real estate advertising and marketing. He was also in the top 10% of his company by the age of 25. That was at the valleys top real estate firm as well.

Dave studied real estate law and finance in college. He not only has a good handle on contracts but mortgages and title as well. He also used to own and run a small mortgage firm. He is tech savvy as well, bringing the technical skill needed to sell homes in this new era of video media and internet.

Put his over 25 years of real estate experience to work for you!

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