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Hot and trendy features to look for in a luxury home

Setting your sights on the impressive range of mansions for sale in Phoenix, AZ? Keep these trendy and essential luxury home features in mind while you shop:

  • Amenities that enrich your dream lifestyle

    Luxury living is all about enjoying an entire experience rather than just a well-designed house or a prime location. Your luxury home should be the complete package.

    For today’s sophisticated home buyer, must-have features and amenities go beyond the designer finishes, gourmet kitchens, and spa-style bathrooms.

    The diverse Phoenix luxury real estate market has something for everyone. You can find gorgeous homes in sprawling golf communities and equestrian properties. Large, stately mansions offer plenty of room for customized recreational rooms and sports facilities, both indoors and outside the house. The best of modern urban luxury can be enjoyed in a wide range of lavish condos conveniently located at city centers.

  • Generous indoor and outdoor living spaces

    Bright and flowing living spaces are popular among all types of home buyers. Houses with airy great rooms and dining areas, expansive chef’s kitchens, tall ceilings, and large windows feel more pleasant and comfortable.

    Arizona’s accommodating climate makes it easy to enjoy outdoor spaces, as well. Terraces and decks, landscaped yards, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, and swimming pool areas add fun and refreshing options that extend your luxury living experience beyond the four walls of the house.

  • Practical and essential home automation

    Modern luxury living is consistently improving by leaps and bounds.

    You can now “talk” to your appliances through smart speakers and their embedded virtual assistants. There are smart thermostats that enable you to control and manage temperatures around your house straight from your phone or computer. They even “learn” your usage habits to predict automatic adjustments throughout the day. Smart lighting fixtures contribute both aesthetic value and practical energy savings.

    Even home security is benefiting from these innovations. Digital door locks now use codes from your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Internet-connected security cameras provide greater peace of mind when can monitor what happens in and around your home in real-time, even from a remote location.

  • Dedicated guest areas and amenities

    Nothing says “mi casa es su casa” better than giving your visiting family or friends their own place to stay.

    Large mansions with a generous number of rooms provide flexible options for adding a guest suite. A sprawling acre-size estate can accommodate a detached casita, adding even more impressive appeal.

    Service kitchens are also becoming a popular luxury home feature. Ideal for homeowners that invite guests over frequently, these dedicated kitchens keep your event’s meal preparations and clean-up activities out of the way and out of sight.

  • Modern, eco-friendly construction

    Whether you are shopping for a new construction or a restored older home, look into the materials and building methods used.

    With sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, modern construction standards offer several benefits: not only do you keep your home more comfortable during the Valley’s scorching summer months, you also keep your energy and utility bills low – not to mention reduce your impact on the environment.

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